Blocker Academy of Martial Arts Academy with 1 Practitioners

Team: Braga Jiu Jitsu Brazil

Location: 118 East Commercial Street .
United States Kansas Oberlin 67749

About Academy


Blocker Academy of Martial Arts is an organization dedicated to the disciplines of combat and martial training, preparing good people for bad street scenarios.

Blocker Academy of Martial Arts teaches self-defense, self-preservation, confidence, courage, respect, self-control, integrity, combat skills and battle tactics (Warrior Journey History).

Blocker Academy of Martial Arts' mission is to teach universal principles and concepts found in multiple practical and combative martial arts.

Blocker Academy of Martial Arts teaches students multiple ranges of combat through various fighting styles.

Blocker Academy of Martial Arts believes that every Martial Art has something good to offer, but no system or style has all the answers. "Everything works some of the time, but nothing works all of the time." 

Blocker Academy of Martial Arts encourages students to start training consistently, even if they have no prior experience and minimal fitness ability.

Blocker Academy of Martial Arts teaches students to start their training now to learn basic motor skills and muscle memory.  Students also must demonstrate respect for teachers, others, and themselves inside and outside of the academy.

Blocker Academy of Martial Arts welcomes students of all ages, races, religions, and skin colors, provided they demonstrate good moral character.


Blocker Academy of Martial Arts' "Teachings" are based on Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do (JKD) philosophy*, concept, and self defense art.

*The Jeet Kune Do (JKD) philosophy is to combine multiple effective arts to prepare students for real combat and street fighting scenarios.  Combat and street fighting scenarios will involve weapons, stand-up fighting, multiple attackers, eye-striking, biting, take-downs, and ground fighting.  

Head Coach

Snake Blocker