This profile is for those who want to join us and:

Do NOT belong to any academy registered in the JJGF. In this case you must register yourself as an INDEPENDENT UNIT MEMBER.

Or if your academy is registered as an EDUCATIONAL UNIT ACADEMY.

US$ 12/year

The Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation (JJGF) has a zero tolerance policy prohibiting all forms of sexual abuse and assault of individuals, including sexual molestation, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual injury, and sexual harassment.
It is the JJGF’S policy to consider sexual abuse and sexual assault of or by a JJGF Member prohibited. A violation of this policy will subject the Member, regardless of his or her title or position within the JJGF, to disciplinary or adverse action up to and including the automatic cancellation of his or her membership privileges.
The JJGF encourages any Member, student of a Member academy, staff or the public, who believes he/she has been the victim, or who is aware of, or suspect sexual abuse taking place involving sexual misconduct by a Member, to immediately report said conduct to a JJGF official, and to a law enforcement authority. Also, the JJGF encourages and welcomes the report of any decision convicting or adjudicating a Member of engaging in or attempting to engage in sexual activity by force or coercion.
If not already under an investigation by the appropriate law enforcement agency, or not yet turned into a criminal prosecution, the JJGF will promptly report any incidents of sexual misconduct reasonably believed to have occurred by or to a Member to the appropriate law enforcement authority. The JJGF will also conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into the matter. The JJGF reserves the right to hire third party investigators to assist in the assessment of the allegations.
Any Member who is convicted of a sexual offense, or otherwise adjudicated of engaging in a sexual offense is encouraged to immediately withdraw his or her Membership with the JJGF. This proactive withdrawal will result in a more discreet process, which can save unwanted publicity.
Effective immediately, all new Team Leaders, Head Coaches, Academies Owners, Official Instructors and Black Belt Practitioners will be screened for a history of sexual offense prior to being admitted.
If necessary, JJGF may collect from any other member, anytime, an additional fee to conduct such screening. The application to a JJGF membership automatically implies the applicant’s consent to be screened for past sexual offenses.
The JJGF does not accept the false accusation of sexual abuse in bad faith, as it can obviously have a serious impact on those wrongly accused. A Member who is found to have made a false accusation of sexual abuse in bad faith shall be removed from Membership.
I accept the JJGF ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY and declare that I have NO historical involvement with any form of sexual abuse and assault of individuals, including sexual molestation, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual injury, and sexual harassment.